Anniversary Status for Mom and Dad – Parents Anniversary Status

Parents anniversary is a great chance to show your love and respect to your parents. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to wish them by beautiful greetings and increase their happiness through this joys moment. That’s the great time to appreciate their married lives, love, support, sacrifices and specially the togetherness in good and bad times. Let’s refine your emotions into action and how them with heartfelt wishes, messages and wedding anniversary status for parents. You may check out our this compilation which are varied from sincere to funny wedding anniversary status for parents. In current trendy world you may share anniversary status for parents in social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter.

Anniversary Status For Parents

I am looking forward to celebrating every milestone of your marriage from silver, ruby, and gold to diamond! Happy anniversary.

Our family owes its happiness to the strong bond you both share. Happy anniversary!

You are a true example of love and care. You make my world smile. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. May your love grow mile after mile.

No words can describe my wishes for you my dear parents, Which comes from the heart that’s true! Happy wedding anniversary!

Love is when a single soul is living in two bodies and you are a real proof of that! Happy wedding anniversary, dear mom and dad!

Happy anniversary to parents whose marriage mantra is – troubles will come and go, but be rock solid so that the kids never come to know.

It takes two very special people to really weather the storms of life together and still be smiling from the heart years later. We’re so proud of you. Happy Anniversary!

With every passing year, your marriage isn’t becoming dull, old and thankless. It’s becoming beautifully vintage and exquisitely priceless. Happy anniversary.

Your age increases with each passing year, but so does the love that you have for one another. May you enjoy another year of being in love.

Year after year, the love you share with each other only grows stronger and sturdier, nurturing and keeping the family closer. Happy anniversary, to the best parents in the world.

Mom and dad, your relationship taught me how to trust, take care of the ones you love and stay all throughout. It is what they call true love. Happy anniversary!

Parents Anniversary Status for Facebook and Whatsapp

When I see you, I often think that you are the couple people truly wish to be, because you both are amazing, and I wish you all the best, happy anniversary!

Through the years, through thick and thin, for better and for worst, even for richer and for poorer, my lovely dad and mom, you guys are a real proof that marriages do last. I am so proud of you! Happy anniversary!

I first witnessed love when I was kid. It’s from the two people I call mom and dad. Happy anniversary!

Couples should follow your footsteps. It is not an easy task to stay together during the ups and downs, while keeping the family nurtured with love. Best anniversary, mom and dad. I am proud of you two!

A kiss goodbye or long talking late in the evening – all these little things make your connection so special and tight even after all these years. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, my beloved parents!

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Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other. Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever. Happy anniversary!


A lovely daughter, a wonderful son, a beautiful house, two enviable careers and an awesome family – life seems to have given you both the perfect anniversary gift. Happy anniversary.

You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy anniversary to our dear parents.

You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to be and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.

Dear Mom and Dad, all loving thoughts come with this wish for you. For everything to make this day just perfect for you two.

Once again this great day has come and today as we celebrate your wedding anniversary with you we want to wish you many more years of happiness together. Happy anniversary.

From black and white to colored portraits, from a couple to parents, from one year to many more years to come, I wish you both millions of happy moments together. Wonderful anniversary to the best parents in the world.

Anniversary Messages For Parents

If I were to pick my favorite superheroes, I will pick my parents. Because first of all, they raised me wonderfully; second, is because they were there for each other through all the rough times.

Most people find it hard to believe in “forever”, but seeing the never ending love between both of you makes me believe in “forever”. Happy anniversary mom and dad!

Happy anniversary to the couple who personifies love, exemplifies virtue, epitomizes perfection, characterizes righteousness and symbolizes the best in life.

It is because of your successful matrimony, that we have been able to live with so much harmony. To parents who I love so dearly, I wish you both a happy anniversary.

Years have come and gone and times have changed. But through it all I am glad that your love for each other has only grown deeper with each passing year. I salute you and celebrate you today. Happy anniversary.

As you begin yet another year of your lives together, may God’s blessings of health and a long life be with you today and forever more. I love you both so much. Happy Anniversary!

I will always be the number one fan of your duo, making your marriage work for so many years. Celebrities need to learn from both of you! Wonderful anniversary to the best parents in the world.

Funny Anniversary Status For Parents

You guys are smart. You figured out that you need each other as much as your kids need you guys together. For that, happy anniversary.

Thanks for putting so much pressure on me by raising the bar for a good marriage so high. Happy anniversary mom and dad!

Mom and dad, I think it is time you guys give serious thought about teaching a class in ‘The Foundations of Marriage’. The present generation needs to learn a lot from both of you! Happy anniversary.

Sticking to each other for many years; Loving endlessly and cherish each other. You guys rock. We love you. Happy Anniversary.

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The two of you really took your wedding vows seriously! Look how many years you’ve been tolerating each other and still make it work. How’s that? Awesome anniversary to my parents.

Weird couples seem to make the best couples, and you guys are not an exception. Happy anniversary mom and dad!

You two are the proof that weird couples are the most interesting pair in the world. Happy anniversary weirdoes.

The most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together but my Mom and Dad who grew old together. Have a wonderful anniversary!

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Regardless of what I study in college, I have already got graduation level lessons in true love, commitment and trust – thanks to a rock solid set of parents like you. Happy anniversary.

Your anniversary day is our Thanksgiving Day – to thank you for getting married, giving us birth and being the amazing parents that you are. Happy anniversary.

My dear parents, you have proven that ‘once upon a time’ can truly end with a ‘happily ever after’. Best anniversary.

My parents, you are a reason for my birth. I am grateful to you to give me this beautiful world to enjoy and learn. I love you, Happy anniversary.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or volcanoes – nothing has the power to shatter, the love between my mom and dad. Not now, not ever. Happy anniversary.

Your anniversary has made me realize that a movie is not the only place where lover get married, have kids, make a loving family and live a perfect life. We’re proud of you.

Make them surprised with amazing gifts or penned down your wishes to send with a beautiful card by praying their long and happy relationship. Their love has grown over the years in a good relationship that’s a blessing and now it’s time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Be little creative, add some humor to your wishes by mentioning some funny family memories which will put a smile on their face on this special day of union. Just show your love and appreciation for all the things they did for you that could be the perfect anniversary gift for them.