Best 100+ Short Status For Whatsapp and Facebook

It’s a special roundup of best 100+ short status for faceebook and whatsapp status updates which is easy fit on your cell along with top trending short quotes. Now a days we often need such kind of short status which save our time and easily shareable. Don’t be late to read and share these short status and short quotes with friends and others.

Short Status For Social Media Status Updates

I got less but I got best!

So many assume. So few know.

It costs $0.00 to be a decent person.

I’m sorry my fault. I forgot you’re an Idiot.

Sugar? No thanks, I am already sweet..

Life is a story, Make yours the best seller!

You are my best reason to lose sleep.

I wish I had Google in my mind and antivirus in my heart.

If you want to be TOGETHER. You have TO-GET-HER.

An apple in a day keeps anyone away. If you throw it hard.

It’s the little things you do that mean the most to me.

Let’s flip a coin, Head you are mine, Tails I’m yours!

I wish I could record my dreams and watch them later…

With Great power, Comes great electricity bill.

Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari, the alarm woke me up!

Deleting my feelings for you..!!ERROR!! file is too Big..

Only 2 things can change women’s mood- 1) I love you, 2) 50% Discount!!!

Short Status For Whatsapp Status

Every time I see the keyboard, I always see U & I together.

I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!… He’s dreaming too.

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh its your Attitude.

If I write something smart, you are probably going to copy it!

Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need money.

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Congratulations!!!My tallest finger want to give you a standing ovation.

You wanna know who i am in love with? Read the first Word.

Everyone comes in our life for a reason. Those who don’t have any, stay.

The day i was born, DEVIL said: Ohh Competition!!!

Having one child makes you a parent, having 2 makes you a referee.

Money talks but All mine ever says is Goodbye!!!

Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it.

Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

My heart is stolen… Can I check your bra…!

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I should win an Oscar for acting like I’m busy at work.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Dear Samsung, please also start selling jeans that can accommodate your smartphones.

Best Short Status For Facebook Status & Messages

I just want to be your favorite Hello, and Hardest goodbye.

Some people are alive only, Because it’s illegal to kill them.

If you’re talking behind my back, you’re in a good position to kiss my ass!

Fact: You wish Facebook had the middle finger button.

I dint change, I just grew up. You should try it once.

Teachers call it cheating, students call it teamwork.

Deal with your problems before they deal with your happiness.

I stopped fighting my inner demon, we are on the same side now.

My words are like a china phone. They have no guarantee!

Life is like a bar of soap, once you think you’ve got a hold of it, it slips away.

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When someone touches my phone I automatically turn into a ninja.

My attitude is my born gift and nobody take from me.

I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT.

Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.

Waiter: Would u like ur coffee black sir? Me: What other colors do u have?

If you are good at something, never do it for free!

Awesome Short Status To Share With Best Friend

A friendship that can end never really began!

I don’t have a lot of friends, I just know a lot of people.

A friend is someone who knows all about u and accept u as u are.

Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.

Don’t make a girl fall for you if you have no intention of catching HER.

I’m gonna MAKE the rest of my life, the BEST of my LIFE.

It’s not an attitude, it’s the way I am.

I don’t have an attitude problem, I just have a personality that you can’t handle.

The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.

Don’t be violent be silent and show your talent..

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Unless your name is GOOGLE, stop acting like you f*cking know everything.

The best way to let people remember you is to ‘borrow money from them!’

Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is… your list with names of naughty girls.

I’m jealous my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

I’m the dude with cool attitude!

If you’re wondering why you’re single, date someone. You’ll remember

How do you occupy an idiot? Press down – Press up…Press Down…!

When I’m good I’m best, when I’m bad I’m worst.

Lazy People Fact #5812672793 You were too lazy to read that number.

Make you Post Viral By Super Short Status

You can’t make everyone happy, so today I think you should focus on me.

Yes I am smiling and you’re not the reason anymore.

You say it best when you say nothing at all!!!

Sometimes, I want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view!

Silence is the best response to a fool.

Sometimes I’ts better To be Alone.. Nobody Can Hurt You!

God is really creative, I mean.. just look at me!

A tear is made of 1% of water and 99% of feelings.

Right? or ?Wrong? doesn’t ??exist?! When u have a ??CONFIDENCE?.

I’m not shy, I’m holding back my awesomeness, so I don’t intimidate you.

A jealous woman does better research than FBI.

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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The only reason I am fat because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.

Going to MacDonald for a salad is like going to prostitute for a hug.

The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.

I am not arguing, I’m simply explaining why I am right.

Dear Lord, there is a bug in your software… It’s called #Sunday, please fix it!

People are like ‘Music’ some say the ‘Truth’ and rest, Just noise.

Funny Short Status To Make Others Lol

Why is ‘Monday’ so far from ‘Friday’ and ‘Friday’ so near to ‘Monday’?

Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status…

I wish I had ‘Google’ in my mind and ‘Antivirus’ in my heart..

Life is too short Don’t waste it updating status!

Work until you don’t have to, introduce yourself.

I want my Girlfriend like Google, She will understand me better.

Every problem comes with solution, but my GF don’t have.

I am Waiting for GF Message!

Life doesn’t get easier u get stronger.

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Your Whatsapp status say’s online… If your online then, why aren’t you msg me!

Try to solve your problem yourself… Don’t Depend on other..!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Stop saying I wish start saying I will.

Every people is a intelligent, When he work Hard!

Please don’t get confused between my my attitude and personality!

Love yourself love your day love your life.

Don’t let a bad day make u feel u have a bad life.

I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.

Life is to short to remove USB slowly.

Nobody can teach me who I am.

If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’.

I’m cool but Summer made me hot!

Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.

I Have 1 Good & 1 Bad News for You. The Bad News? I Have No Good News & The Good News? I Have No Bad News.

I Wish My Parents Were Like Google…They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete…

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