Birthday Status For Niece : Birthday Captions and Messages for Niece

Having a cute adorable niece is like having an angel. Everyone is love to adore his/her cute niece and if it’s her birthday then really it’s turned into a shower of happiness. Here you will find lots of Best Birthday Status For Niece, happy birthday caption, wishes and messages to wish your cute nice on her most precious birthday! You may write down these birthday wishes for niece on a cute B’day card and send her with some gift! So, don’t be late to get some funny birthday status for niece to share with her and say happy birthday my dear niece.

Best Birthday Status For Niece

You’re the type of niece that is over the top, above the rest, head of the class and A 1! Happy Birthday!

You are like a jewel to me. So, there is nothing that is more precious than you to me. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to my dear niece: Me and you, we make an awesome twosome. You make me proud.

I’m so happy to find you as my family member. The world seems very peaceful when I look to your lovely face. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to a beautiful and radiant niece! Niece, may your birthday be as special as you are.

You are an angel who made my life more colorful and amazing. It couldn’t be better than this. Have a gorgeous birthday party.

We are connected with our soul. We are the best aunt-niece pair in the world. Have a gorgeous and colorful birthday.

Everybody won’t be as wonderful as you and I are, Niece….not even the ones…in our family. Just smile if you agree! Happy Birthday!

Good thing I’m not your mom/dad because I like playing the cool aunt/uncle. I’m here for you no matter how late the hour. Happy Birthday!

Pursue your dreams and give life your best shot. Never be afraid to fail, because your uncle’s always got your back. Happy birthday niece!

We are more than the relation of aunt-niece. We are the best friends of each other. Happy birthday to my best friend.

Happy Birthday to the loveliest little girl on planet Earth. If I could grant wishes, I would give you all that your heart desires. You own me.

You are a fearless girl, with extraordinary ability to tackle difference situations in life. You make me proud. Happy Birthday, niece!

Sweetest Birthday Captions For Niece

Sending you hugs, kisses and loads of love on your birthday. Happy birthday, niece!

No one can measure my love for you and it’s not even possible for Google or Wikipedia. Happy birthday.

As your aunt, I’ve the duty to wish you as the very first person on your most special day. Wishing you a happy birthday.

Ice cream wishes and frosting cake dreams for a birthday that’s happy and full of great things! Happy Birthday Niece!


Life is like an ice-cream so enjoy it before it melts, and birthday is like a balloon so celebrate it before it loses it’s air. Happy Birthday, dear niece!

To my dearest niece… On your birthday your parents will tell you to work hard and be a successful woman. I will tell you to party hard and have fun. Happy birthday.

The relationship between you and me is not about the smiles and laughs. You are such a wonderful niece that my heart wants to fly. Happy birthday.

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I am proud to have a niece like you – a niece, who is talented, charming, and beautiful. I wish you great success in life. Happy Birthday!

It is with great joy that we celebrate you today. You are a special part of this family and we know that we are blessed to have you. Happy Birthday.

You are nice, intelligent, elegant, classy and excellent – in short; you are everything that describes a niece. Have a great birthday!

Motherhood may be a joyous and beautiful journey, but being an aunt is way better – wild and crazy. Happy birthday niece!

While this may sound cheesy and cliché… a niece like you makes my life complete is what my heart wants to say. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Status For Niece

May our aunt-niece relationship always make your mom jealous. Happy birthday!

Do you know what Google and Wikipedia have in common? None of them can explain why or how much I love my niece. Happy birthday!

Most people make best friends in high schools. I made mine with my niece when I became an aunt. Happy birthday!

Your parents have allowed me officially to allow you to do the things that they haven’t allowed you yet. Wishing you a happy birthday!

I have a pacemaker in my heart called NIECE – your cuteness has full control over my heartbeats. Happy birthday!

The term “Awesome Aunt” remains incomplete if there is no “Wonderful Niece” like you. How perfect we are. Happy birthday.

I tried the google to find the perfect wish for you on your special day. But trust me, nothing grabbed my attention. So, I decided to send this greeting to you – “Be happy always”.

I am officially allowed to allow you to do the things your parents have not allowed you to. Happy birthday!


Our relationship is not about smiles, laughs and high fives. Having an awesome niece like you makes me wanna fly. Happy birthday!

Ecstasy, elation, bliss and rapture are just some of the words that describe how I felt when you were born. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.

Cool, awesome, fun and beautiful – you are my only relative who has all these qualities. Happy birthday to my pretty niece.

Short Birthday Quotes For Niece

This day is all about you, Niece. Make the most of your birthday!

Happy birthday, niece! Hope it is a magical and super special day!

AUNT became the coolest word in my life after you were born. Happy birthday!

You are my NIECE – Naughty, Impatient, Energetic, Cute and Expressive. I love you, happy birthday!

Here’s to celebrating you on your birthday and for many more to come, dearest niece!

You are not just my niece… you are the caretaker of my heart’s largest piece. Happy birthday.

Other people have nieces but none are as great as ours! Happy birthday to a very special niece!

An aunt-niece duo like us can give any mother-daughter pair a run for their money. Happy birthday niece.

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We may be related by blood and family, but the truth is that we are more like besties. Happy birthday.

I believe that I’ll never get old because I’ve a cute niece like you who is forever young. Happy birthday.

My niece… you are the only one who I can treat as a daughter and also have as a best friend. Happy birthday!

The most precious gem in the world is not a sapphire, emerald, ruby or a diamond. It is you, my niece. Happy birthday.

An aunt-niece duo like us can give any mother-daughter pair a run for their money. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Wishes For Niece

To a special niece, wishing you best wishes today on your birthday and for years to come.

May God grant you happiness and a long life as you celebrate another birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

I hope all your wishes and dreams come true today and in the coming year. Happy Birthday, niece!

May your birthday be a present to you that is overflowing with wonderful things! Happy Birthday, Niece!

I wish that you can ride the surfboard of success and the waves of happiness touch your feet always. Happy birthday.

My dear niece – please don’t give up and always chase your dreams until they are fulfilled. Happy birthday.

On this wonderful day that is your birthday, I send you my best wishes and love and hope that you will have a fantastic day. Happy Birthday.

You are such an important and valuable part of my life that deserves an expensive treat on her birthday. Wishing all the best to my lovely niece.

Your birthday is a beginning of a new year that is full of hopes. I wish you great smiles and laughter on your birthday, dear niece.

My birthday wishes for you are simple and true. I wish you excitement, adventure, and great times. I wish you a day just for you! Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday, birthday girl! May your special birthday be as special as your special presence in our life! Happy Birthday, niece!

I cannot reach you, but my wishes and prayers shall always touch you and keep your blessed and protected. Happy Birthday, niece!

We take this moment to wish a special Niece a very Happy Birthday. We rejoice with you and celebrate your wonderful life and pray that God will bless you abundantly today and always.

Happy Birthday Messages For Niece

I remember that special day when I first laid eyes on you. You were everything I imagined an angel to be. Happy Birthday, sweet angel!

It’s true that you are the daughter of my sister, but the cuteness on your face is definitely coming from your lovely aunt. Hope you are enjoying your day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to the bundle of joy who never fails to amaze everyone with her wit, courage and generosity. You are truly one of a kind, and I am honored to be your aunt/uncle.

Dear, you may be very young, but you are more mature than anyone of your age. Your qualities are really amazing. Happy birthday.

I had everything in life until the day you were born… when I realized that I had nothing until the day I had a niece like you. Happy birthday.

If eyes were made for seeing, then nieces are their own excuse for being. You have brought so much joy and laughter to this family. Happy Birthday!

Our family would have been not so happy and joyous, if you were not a part of it. You make our family complete and cheerful. Happy Birthday, sweet niece!

Dearest Niece, Happy Birthday to you. You are a very wonderful person and we pray that God will send you abundant blessings to fulfill your life today and always.

When you called me Uncle for the first time, I felt old. But as you continued calling me Uncle again and again in your cute voice, I felt like the luckiest uncle alive. Happy birthday to my adorable niece.

Lack of responsibility is the best part about our uncle-niece relationship. You can irresponsibly ask your uncle to give you treats and I can irresponsibly spoil my niece with expensive treats. Happy birthday.

We wish that our compilation of best birthday status for niece will help you to show your love and care towards your dear niece on her special birthday! Best of luck and thanks for visiting us!