Birthday Status For Little Baby Boy – Short Quotes & Wishes

A cute baby boy is such as a blessing with chubby cheeks, funny face and innocent eyes! He means the most adorable things in his family. When it comes to celebrate his birthday then there is a shower of happiness among his parents and all well wishers. This page is a heart melting compilation of the cutest, sweetest and most adorable Happy Birthday Status For Baby Boy, birthday wishes and messages for baby boy along with short birthday quotes for baby boy which are too cute to use for celebrate with his birthday! Whether the cute baby boy is your own child or grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew these birthday status for baby boy will fit to wish him. Either you may re-arrange these birthday status for baby boy to make similar with your own thoughts!

Sweet Birthday Status For Baby Boy

Enjoy your special day, kiddo! Wishing you a lifetime of pure joy and happiness!

Happy birthday to my special man! Meeting you was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in life!

For one amazing baby we wish a Happy sweet, beautiful, great, awesome and lovely Birthday!

Wish you baby a special birthday, as special as you are to us. You are the best son of this world.

Sending you tons of kisses and hugs on your birthday, little buddy, have a rocking day!

Happy birthday to the most special person in my life! You make my world complete, darling.

Let’s invite Humpty Dumpty to come and celebrate with us the birthday of our twinkling little star.

Happy birthday sweet baby. A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.

Cute Birthday Status and messages For Baby Boy

All I wish is to give you a big loving hug! Happy birthday to you, sweet little bug!

I am sending you 100 sacs filled with fun, joy and laughter on your birthday.

Happy birthday to the greatest treasure in our life! Each day with you is an amazing present, dear.

The most loving birthday greetings to my steady rock! Thank you for being the man that I can always count on.

You may be just few months old, but you have given us the happiness of a lifetime. Happy birthday.

Cute Status Messages For Birthday Boy

Let the birthday of the most handsome boy be as sweet as honey.

The warmest B’day greetings to the cutest thing in the whole world!

A Fabulous and memorable happy birthday to my little angel; happy birthday!

Mom’s little reflection, dad’s little angel, grandpa’s little friend, grandma’s little bundle. Happy B’day, little one.

You are the most wonderful gift to your parents, cutie, have a fun-filled birthday!

This is the time to use your cuteness to get anything you want from your parents. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a pot o’ gold, and all the joy your heart can hold.

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Congratulations for turning old enough to eat your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the most charming baby boy that I have met! Enjoy your day, sweetie!

Today is your day, live it like you are the king of the world and don’t mind what others say, this day is just for you! Happy birthday.

You may be a tiny little bundle of joy… but the happiness you spread around is king size. Happy birthday.

This is your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday , so let’s hear you roar, happy B’day!

You are like a warm blanket. Whenever I take you in my arms, I feel warm and cuddly. Happy birthday.

Short Birthday Status For Little Boy

Up, up and away may your birthday balloons fly high today!

Happy Birthday to the smartest boy in all over the world!

We love you so much, cutie, have a blissful day and the happiest life!

Happy birthday! Now you are one more year older, but not a bit wiser, I guess…

Happy birthday little angel; Let it be filled with showers of love and happiness.

You bring so much light and love to our home, dear. Happy B’day to our cute little sunshine!

A joyful birthday to the sweetest baby in the world; my wish is that you live to be a God fearing kid.

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Happy birthday to you, cute baby boy, may your special day be full of smiles, gifts and sweet moments!

Lots of love and birthday wishes to the most beautiful child in the universe. I got a chance to give you a big hug!

Blow your candles, eat a whole cake and open dozens of biscuits today. It is your birthday and you should party little man!

Whether you turn two or twenty two, all you need to remember is that I Love You. Happy birthday.

Awesome Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

Birthday hugs are sent your way and heartfelt wishes for a happy day and may all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!

On your Big Day I wish you lots of joy, fun, happiness, love and all other stuff that doesn’t cost a thing…

We feel so blessed that you came into our life! Best B’day wishes to our cute little angel, we love you so much!

Happy Birthday to the happiest kid I know. I’m wishing you an awesome day that you will never forget.

I wish you the most amazing day, filled with joyful moments! May this day bring you everything that you love most!

The warmest wishes are flying your way, sweetie! May your special day be as fabulous as you are!

I am wishing you a happy birthday. May you live to blow 1001 candles- happy birth day once again and may it be filled with fun.

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Happy birthday to our adorable baby boy! On your special day we wish you nothing but the happiest and the brightest future, sweetie!

On this birthday of yours, let’s celebrate how much life has taught you and how far you still have to go. Make the best of what you’ve got!

The most loving birthday wishes to our precious baby boy! You are such a wonderful gift in our life, sweetheart!

My beautiful child, we pray all your dreams come true and you realize how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Happy Birthday!

You are growing up to be a fine young man. While you continue to grow older, make the most of every year and celebrate your birthday to its fullest.

Amazing Birthday Message for Baby Boy

No words can express how much you mean to us, sweetheart. You are the source of endless happiness in our life. Happy birthday, our dearest little one!

You don’t even know what you mean to me. Your smile, your little giggles just make me so happy! It’s super fun when you become one! Happy Birthday To You!

Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.

Happy B’day greetings to the sweetest baby boy, bringing so much happiness into our life! Our love for you keeps growing with every passing day!

Never underestimate the power that one little baby boy. From constant squeals to dirty nappies, they make everyone dance on their tiny fingers. Happy birthday.

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The first thing that came to my mind this morning was that today is your Birthday. I hope I’ve been the first one to wish you because you’re special for me. Happy Birthday!

I thank God everyday for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed upon your mother and me. Happy birthday son, I hope it is your best day ever.

This day is all about you. I decided that the best birthday present is to make a list of all the things that make you the best friend in the history of the world. I’m at number 1,876 and still going. Enjoy your birthday as I work through this.

One, two, three, four, FIVE! Five candles on your cake Blow them out and make your wishes, and we send you birthday kisses! Have a Happy Birthday.

I don’t mind if you lose your baby fat and chubby cheeks, but don’t ever lose your innocence. Happy birthday.

You have grown so much since the day I first held you in my arms baby. But you will always be my little one. Happy Birthday!

We hope that you have enjoyed these birthday status for baby boy and get some best birthday wishes for baby boy to celebrate his birthday specially, all the best and thanks fort visiting us!