Funny Pizza Status, Messages & Quotes For Pizza Lovers

Now it’s time to make some fun and this time we offer you the best and most incredible funny pizza status, messages and quotes around the web. If you are a pizza lover then you can enjoy this post of pizza status most. Here our experts collect the best famous pizza quotes and funny pizza status which you can use to update your social apps status either you can use these pizza status during your chat or private message. Dear, take a look and they are enough to make some fun!

Funny Pizza Status For Whatsapp.

My car broke down outside Pizza Hut last night. So I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my house and got a lift from the driver.

I love pizza, meaning: Even when I’m in the middle of eating pizza, I wish I were eating pizza. – Jandy Nelson

There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. – Kevin James

Life is mostly pain and struggle; the rest is love and deep dish pizza. – Benedict Smith

I will never forgive Steve Jobs for leaving this world before making it possible to download pizza.

As far as I’m concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.

I’m going to make him a pizza he can’t refuse. – The Godfather

You are so beautiful, like a piece of pizza!

Pizza: Round food, cut into triangles and put into a square box.

What is life, it comes to me, without the occasional risk of pizza? – Tim Federle

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go! – Aubrey Plaza

Save the planet, it’s the only planet with pizza.

My gender is pizza because everyone wants a piece of me.

I’d rather have leftover pizza than leftover feelings. – Sarah Burgess

Democratic party, Republican party, but their is the best party is a Pizza party!

Men use love to get sex. Women use sex to get love. Me? I use coupons to get pizza…

And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza. – Tiger Woods

My mind says Victoria Secret model, but my heart says chocolate, pizza, food.

The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m. – Charles Pierce

funny pizza status, messages and quotes

Funniest Pizza Status for Facebook

College is thousands of dollars but pizza is only like ten so what is the obvious choice here?

The pizza is mightier than the sword.

I’m a huge pasta and pizza lover. I can eat those every single day. – Shay Mitchell

Prank call : “Hello, domino’s?” … “Yes, how may I help you?” … “What`s the number to call Pizza Hut?” 😉

A wise man once said, ‘Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza. – Michelangelo

Keep your friends close and your pizza closer.

Square box, round pizza, triangle slices. I’m confused!

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I want to live in a world where the need for pizza belittles that of war. – Jason Barnett

Pizza is like the entire food pyramid! – Madeline Oles

Happy Pizza, is a pizza sold in Cambodia topped with marijuana.

I think of dieting, then I eat pizza. – Lara Stone

About 75 acres of pizza are eaten in the U.S. everyday.

Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes. – Amy Neftzger

Am I the only one who hasn’t seen a pizza delivery girl?

The police/army didn’t invent the bulletproof vest…A pizza guy from Detroit did, after he was shot twice on a delivery.

I want to be skinny but I also want pizza for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Do you feel me.

I just want to be in my sweats, walk my dog, watch TV and eat pizza. – America Ferrera

Short Pizza Quotes To Share With Friends.

A pizza for a pizza ends up making the whole world delicious.

Love is like pizza, when it’s good, it’s really good and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

If you ever feel sad remember that there’s a number you can call and a pizza will be there in 30 minutes.

Home in bed listening to the rain getting ready to order a pizza. Sounds like a song til the last part. – Gabriel Iglesias

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

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I make myself pizza if it comes down to that drastic measurement. – Corey Haim

Who needs a boyfriend when there is WiFi and pizza?

Your fart smells lovely. Was that pizza?

A pizza is worth a thousand words.

Everybody likes pizza! It’s a quick and easy clean-up meal. – Buddy Valastro

Pizza is an emotion I constantly feel.

I like pizza and I like cheeseburgers a lot and I like Chicago food a lot. – Jake Johnson

My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around. – Dora J. Arod

They say money can’t buy happiness but you can buy pizza, cake, candy and Netflix, so they’re lying.

I’m an emotional eater. If something’s worth celebrating, we’re going to grab pizza. If it’s going bad, girl, pass me the chocolate. Gotta keep it in check! – Laurieann Gibson

Eating pizza is like having a little heaven in your nose. Wait, that’s not what you eat pizza with. I always get it confused with pizza-pie. – Will Advise

There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right. – G.A. McKevett

I will never understand the appeal of the Hawaiian pizza. – Judd Winick

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