Get Well Soon Status, Messages and Wishes For a Sick Friend

When one of our friends fall in sick it’s really make us sad. Then we should care and pray for their fast cure. At this situation some sympathetic words will make you show condolence towards your sick friends. Let’s make share some best get well soon status for friends and get well soon messages for friends to wish him/her praying fast cure. These get well soon status for friends are too kind and easily shareable with Whatsapp, tweeter, messenger or Facebook.

Best Get Well Soon Messages and Status For Friend

Hope is the best medicine, and I’m here to give you just that. Get well soon.

All the best and get well soon friend!

I wish I was a magician so I could make you fit and healthy with the wave of a wand!

Stay strong, and GET WELL SOON !!

I hope you find fast healing with each and every day my sweet friend.

Sickness comes, sickness goes – but I will always be close. Get well soon.

All your HOT fever needs to heal, is the company of a COOL friend like me. Get well soon.

With good wishes and prayers that you get well soon.

It is with warmest wishes that I hope you get well soon my friend.

The BEAUTY of friendship is that it can make an UGLY sickness disappear. Get well soon.

Golfing, swimming, bicycle riding, me …. all waiting for you when you’re up and back to your energetic self.

Don’t fool around, don’t pretend! I’m just kidding, get well soon, love you, your best Friend!

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy again very soon my dear friend.

Sending sunshine to brighten your day. Get well soon my dearest friend.

I may not have a medical degree but I do have friendship’s healing touch. Get well soon.

I wish you well not just because you are my friend, but because you are such a good human being. Get well soon.

You may be sick but you look hot and handsome even in that hospital gown. Get well soon.

Latest Facebook and Whatsapp Get Well Soon Status For Friend

Medicines will only cure your body but I promise, that our friendship will heal your soul. Get well soon.

Praying that you get well soon and experience the joys of being healthy again.

Sweet memories and good friends, are the ultimate cure when medicines fail to make amends. Get well soon.

I can literally feel your sickness because our bodies might be separate but our hearts beat as one. Get well soon.

You better swing back into action fast, so that we can party and have a blast. Get well soon.

Ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for two. Because when you feel sick, I do too.

Day and night, morning and noon, I pray that you gain back good health.

Don’t worry about being sick. Our selfie on your hospital bed will be yet another addition to our friendship’s awesome memory bank. Get well soon.

If your doctor doesn’t mind, I would like my hugs to be a core part of your treatment and daily dose of medication. Get well soon.

The sweet healing touch of a friend like me is all you need to drive your bitter illness away. Get well soon.

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. Our prayers are with you. Get Well Soon.

Your illness has reached a boiling point because I am boiling over with frustration since we can’t meet. Get well soon.

Sickness may keep you away from me for a few days, but I promise we will make it up in every way. Get well soon.

For your illness, a few candies and flowers may not be the perfect cure. But they will cheer you

I don’t want to boast but I can give you something the doctor can’t – warm hugs and precious smiles. Get well soon.

Well Soon Status For Friend, Wishes and Messages

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Sweetest Get Well Soon Messages For Friends.

We are all looking forward to the news that you will be feeling better soon!

Not even cancer is strong enough to fight off the wishes and prayers of friends like me. Get well soon.

I can’t bear to see you like this.I hope you will get well soon.

Your good health is what I will be praying for… morning, night and noon. I hope that the power of my prayers gets you up and about soon.

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

Thinking of you and offering hope that good health will come soon

It may take a doctor to diagnose someone’s disease, but it takes a friend to recognize someone’s suffering. I feel you my friend… get well soon.

Dear, I hate seeing you sick. Will you get well soon, please?

Okay pal, enough lounging around. We rely on your energy and positive attitude to keep things going around here, so get well!

No sickness can keep you down with all the prayers I offer for your recovery. Rise up and be strong!

I checked your doctor’s prescription and it was lacking the most important medicine of all – the company of a BEST FRIEND. Get well soon.

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I hate to see you feeling blue so here is my get well wish to you.

The absence of your laughs and cheers, makes me feel like I am in a party without beer. Get well soon my friend.

Just think about the SWEET memories of our friendship… it will make the BITTERNESS of your sickness go away. Get well soon.

Waaahhhh! BooHoo! I’m on my knees and I’m begging you! I’ll do anything! Please get well! (How’s that working?) C’mon, just get well.

I am sure you will soon be up and about. You deserve to play, laugh and shout. Get well soon.

You can NEVER predict when you fall sick, but you can ALWAYS bank on friends like me to be by your side. Get well soon.

To the friend who is simply the best, I prescribe lots of love and rest. To the friend who’s always kept me happy, I wish a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

I wish that you can quickly leave that hospital bed, and spend that time with me instead. Your presence in my life makes me tick. How dare you fall sick? Get well soon.

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