Happy Birthday Auntie – Status, Captions, Quotes & Wishes

An loving aunt always treat her nieces and nephews as her own children. The bond between an aunt and her nieces or nephews is a great parent-child relationship. She care as like mother, give company as like friend and understand as like bestie do. But there are few special days when you can make her feel like the luckiest aunt in the whole world such as her birthday! This post is fully loaded by lots of best birthday status for aunt, happy birthday wishes and messages for aunt along with short B’day quotes for aunt to say happy birthday aunt! Get the best one and share with your beloved aunt!

Amazing Short Birthday Status For Aunt

Auntie, you’re the greatest…spoiler ever!!! Thanks!!! Happy Birthday!

Dear aunt… thanks for being the parent who I can share all my secrets with. Happy birthday.

You should write a book called… Being The Coolest Aunt for Dummies. Happy birthday auntie.

Happy Birthday to You! May Your day be one of the best that you have ever had and full of hugs and kisses, too!

Auntie, all the family wishes you an amazing birthday and a colorful life, full of joy and happiness! We love you!

You are such a gentle and kind mentor to me. I am happy to celebrate another year enjoying your love and kindness.

Aunts like you make life extraordinary. You’re just not a run of the mill aunt. You’re a super one! Happy Birthday!

Aunt like you are precious and few. For that, I consider myself lucky for having you. Happy Birthday!

You make each day special just by being yourself. May your day be as special as you are. Happy birthday auntie!

On your birthday dear aunt, I wish that you will receive more than what you have asked for. Happy Birthday!

Like a dust jacket and a hardcover, you and I will always be together. Happybirthday #favoriteaunt.

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I believe I am the luckiest person in the world for having such a caring aunt like you! I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true, happy birthday!

As they say “You’re not getting any younger”, but looking at you, you’re not getting any older as well. Have an unforgettable birthday, aunt!

Happy birthday to the aunt who spreads joy everywhere she goes, and in the life of every person she knows.

Short B’day Quotes For Aunt

It’s very simple. I love my aunt. Happy B’day sweet!

Here’s a great, big, bear hug for you, Auntie! Happy Birthday!

Dear aunt… you are to me, what my parents can never be. Happy birthday.

I just couldn’t let the day go by without wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday Auntie!

I could never, ever, never, ever, never, ever forget an auntie like you…especially on your birthday! Happy Birthday!

You are truly a fantastic aunt and I wish you all the happiness this world can bring. I love you, happy birthday!

A celebration is definitely in order for an aunt that is totally awesome! Happy Birthday!

Dear aunt, you are the mom that never scolds and the best friend who never betrays. Happy birthday.

You are a top notch aunt. The other aunts could take lessons from you. Happy Birthday Auntie!

Stay the same. No more, no less. Because nothing can make me love you less. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my three-in-one… aunt, godmother and best friend.

Dear aunt… thanks for being the parent who I can share all my secrets with. Happy birthday.

So glad you’re my aunt. So glad I’m your niece. So glad that we’re friends and family. Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Whatsapp Birthday Status For Aunt

Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! You are awesome in every way!

I love you but my mom hates you… because you spoil me rotten. Happy birthday.

You always have a place in my heart. Happy Birthday! I love you, Dear Aunt!

Dear auntie, may your birthday be as beautiful and as special as you are! Happy Birthday!

Aunt, may God continue to bless you with all the best things in life. Happy Birthday!

Jump for joy! It’s time to celebrate the birthday of my aunt who is top-notch in every way! Happy birthday, dear Aunt!

You’ve got this “best aunt” gig in the bag! Hope your day is as amazing as you are! Happy birthday, Auntie!

Today is the best day to share this… You are the most fantastic aunt in the universe! Happy Birthday, our beloved aunt!

You are a wonderful reminder of all that makes life enjoyable. Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives!

I’ve never missed having grandparents because I’ve always had you to spoil me rotten. Happy birthday.

Your joy and zest for life are contagious and inspire me to be a better person. May your birthday be as joyful as ever!

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Come one, come all! It’s time to celebrate Auntie’s birthday! Here’s to you and all you bring to our family. Happy birthday!

You should take classes to teach other women how to be fantastic aunts to their nieces and nephews. Happy birthday.

Sweetest wishes and best blessings for you this year. You deserve everything great that comes your way, Aunt! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Auntie Facebook Messages

I officially declare your birthday as Aunt’s Day from now on because your contribution in my life has been nothing less than that of a parent. Happy birthday and Happy Aunt’s Day.

There are lots of wonderful women in my life and you are certainly one of them. I appreciate all that you have done for us. Happy Birthday!

I have always been your mischievous nephew and you have always been my loving and tolerant aunt. That is a match made in heaven. Happy birthday.

Dear aunt… the best part is that our relationship doesn’t depend on the grades I get because you love me regardless. Happy birthday.

A life of memories with you is the best treasure I can have. Thank you for always being around and teaching me so many truths of this life. You are cherished. Happy birthday, Aunt!


Dear aunt, the word “generation gap” will definitely not work for us. For you have never behaved in a way that I will feel the age difference between us. Thank you for being my best friend and my partner in crime. Happy Birthday!

The only reason I was never scared to make mistakes when I was young is because I knew that you would always be there to defend me in front of mom and dad. Happy birthday to the best aunt ever.

Today is a great day because we get to celebrate you and what you mean to all of us. You are more than just our aunt. You are a near and dear friend. Here’s to you on your fabulous birthday!

The word AUNT was destined to be a part of the word FLAUNT because in front of my friends, I like to flaunt how cool an aunt I have. Happy birthday.

Once a year, I am reminded just how lucky I am to have you in my life. It is today that I think of all of the blessings I have received through you over the years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope for a great future, as well. Happy birthday Auntie!

Inspirational Birthday Message For Aunt

Great accomplishments require great people. We know you have many more accomplishments to covet and achieve! Wishing you all the very best. Happy Birthday.

Your shining example spurs me to greater heights. I am wishing a wonderful birthday to the one who goes before me and blazes a trail to success.

May each passing year bring you the inspiration and motivation to be a better person. Have a phenomenal birthday dear aunt!

Goals are hard to achieve in life, Because you have to strive, But if you have the will and power, You can also reach the star, So, have that courage, Wish you a lovely birthday, Stay blessed!

The clock is ticking, time is going birthday after birthday… But you still look as young as you did 20 years ago! Happy Birthday!

Some people will go their entire lives without knowing you. I feel sorry for them because you have a wicked sense of humor. Happy birthday my loving aunt!

Reach higher if your dreams are big, Then no one will ever take a dig, Because when you will stand tall, You will never really fall, So have a smiling day, Wish you a very happy birthday!

Today marks one small milestone in the beautiful journey that is your life. May you continue to be blessed and follow your goals and ambition to success!

Look at you, you still look so amazing, after so many things you’ve been through you still manage to smile, you deserve all the greatest and the most wonderful things in life! Happy B’day to you, my dear aunt!

You are inspiration to me and all those around you. This day is a celebration because it marks the moment you entered our lives. Happy birthday!

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The best of your life has yet to come, embrace it, be confident, and embark on a future of limitless possibilities and opportunities. Happy Birthday.

Make it a point to start each day of this New phase of you life with a prayer. It works wonders. Happy birthday auntie!

I hope you have an incredible day full of joy and happiness. You are one of the dearest people in my life, and I want you to have the best birthday ever.

Religious Birthday Wishes For Aunt

To God be the glory as you add another year. May God grant you wisdom, knowledge & understanding. Happy Birthday!

Let God’s hand descend mightily upon you to bless all that you are and that you do. Happy Birthday!

When God made you he did so with a purpose and plan. He saw all your days before you lived one of them. Happy Birthday.

God helps those that help themselves and those who celebrate more birthdays live longer. Happy Birthday.

May you see God in every step you take and know which direction to go to find happiness. Happy Birthday.

God doesn’t count the candles on your cake or the money in the bank, but the love in your soul. Fortunately, he can count really high. Have a blessed B’day aunt!

Happy Birthday! May God grant your hearts desire by giving you the winning numbers so that you may win the lotto.

To the best aunt in the world, may God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! I hope that God will watch over you and continue to bless and increase his grace upon your life.

Happy Birthday to you! I pray God gives you strength and good health to enjoy the rest of your many days.

Sweet aunt, my wish for you is to be happy,enjoy life, follow God’s will in your life, and that you have continued success in all you do. God bless you and your dream comes true!!!

Happy Birthday! May God continue to keep you in his care. That’s right, somebody is looking down on you. May you live long so that we can spend more time together.

Happy Birthday & thank God for the amazing years you have had so far and I pray for even more happy, healthy, and fulfilling years to come.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages For Aunt

Warm thoughts, pleasant memories and happy times. Thank you for being a part of my life, my favorite aunt! Happy Birthday, I love you!

Happy birthday to my charming and caring auntie! I wish that you never stop smiling, may you always be joyful, may you achieve everything that you dream about!

Happy Birthday. I wish you all the very best, all the joy possible and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come!

May this birthday of yours bring you more luck, happiness and success! I wish you a wonderful year ahead and a great life for the many more years to come! Happy Birthday Auntie!

At the brand New Year of your life is the best time to let you know that years come and go, but my love for you only has an inbound high tide always. Happy B’day dear aunt!

On your birthday auntie, I wish you will receive the lost opportunities of yesterday and many more bright chances for tomorrow. Have a great birthday! I love you!

You touch so many lives with joy. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true on your special day. Happy birthday and the best of my love to you!

Dear auntie, another year has passed into your life, and this also means that you have become even wiser and stronger. Here’s wishing you many joyous years ahead, Happy Birthday!

I wish you good health, good friends, and a good life ahead. I hope that you will achieve all your goals and dreams and more blessing to come. Happy Birthday Auntie!

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On your birthday, I just want you to know how blessed I am to have you as my aunt. Wishing you many happy returns, dear aunt! I love you!

I have inherited all these traits from you: Beauty, Kindness and Intelligence. How am I supposed to say thank you to a wonderful person like you! Happy Birthday!

My beloved auntie, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me. My life would not be this great if not for you. I will forever cherish the wonderful memories we have shared, I love you! Happy Birthday Auntie!

We hope these happy birthday status, wishes and messages will help you to wish happy birthday to the dearest aunt who spreads joy everywhere she goes and in the life of every person she knows.