Hate You Status, Captions & Short Messages – I Hate You Quotes

Hate You Status : When you dislike anything which is liked before or feel intense that represent hate. Hate Quotes also can do express your emotions of painful times. You can post a Facebook status about hating someone or post on Whatsapp your feelings about the hated person. We have very special short hate quotes, captions and I hate you status collection to show your exact emotions. let’s express the pain of a broken heart if you have been dumped, betrayed or cheated on. Channel your sad feelings in a text, tweet or a Facebook update to express the heartbreak that you are going through in these days.

I Hate You Status

I regret the fact that I exposed a love as pure as mine, to a heart as dirty as yours. I hate you.

People like you are the reason we have middle fingers. I hate you!

It still hurts to see that you are doing completely okay… Without me… Hate you too much!

My heart is pink – bubbly, innocent, alive and throbbing with love. Yours is black – deceiving, manipulative, unreliable and full of evil. I hate you.

Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people. I hate you!

I am drowning in a pool of misery but I’d rather die than be saved by you. I hate you.

Read twice thrice or even 100 times you can hurt a heart only till it loves you… Not after it starts hating you..!

My hate for you is undying and it will never pause, just like how my love for you once was. I hate you.


What’s the point of putting on makeup, a monkey is gonna stay a monkey. I hate you ugly hearted.

I will get over my heartbreak soon but I will never stop wishing the worst for you. I hate you.

Moving on from a loser like you is going to be easy but healing the scars of being betrayed by you is going to be difficult. I hate you.

As you go through life you are going to have many opportunities to keep your mouth shut. Take advantage of all of them.

Yes, you do have a right to your opinion…And I have a right to mine. And my opinion is that your opinion is ridiculously stupid!

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No, I don’t hate you, I just hate the things you do and have done.

I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

Hey plain and simple…I F…ING HATE YOU.

I Hate You Captions

I hate feeling unwanted.

Stupidity is not a crime so you are free to go.

I Don’t Hate You, I Just .. I ..Yeah… Never Mind I Hate You.

I hate you with the same amount of passion that I once loved you with.

No matter how much I say I hate you, just know I still care.

I hate you, and you and you too. Now try and figure out who this status is about!

At first I got sad, then I got mad, then I got tired and now I’m exhausted.

I hate it when people randomly change.

Famous teenager lines, “I hate everything”.

I hate how I let the dumbest things bother me sometimes.

I honestly hate knowing that I will never have you.

It’s not that I hate you oh wait I do hate you.

I hate all the bullshit…and heart brakes!

I just want to punch a wall as hard as I can. I hope I miss and it hits your face.

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I HATE when people accuses me of doing something when in reality they are the ones that are doing it.

I hate everything about you and your drama oh and that new slut you have.

I Hate You Status Messages

I will always hate you for breaking my heart and hurting my feelings. I hate you a lot.

Because you walked AWAY from me, I hope that someday someone walks all OVER you. I hate you.

All this while I lived for your happiness, now I will live on my own. I hope karma makes you suffer, for the betrayal you have shown. I hate you.

I hate you so much that I don’t just want to forget our relationship, I even want to forget your ugly face and your stupid name.

I loved you even more than the love I do for myself. Those days are just memory now. Now I hate you as you deserve.

If I say something that offends you, let me know so I can do it again later. Your lips are moving, but all I hear is “blah blah blah…


You should get an Academy Award for being the best male actor of the year. Not once did I realize that you were cheating on me. I hate you.

I never imagined that your voice, which was once music to my ears, would one day be the knife in my heart. I hate you.

It was not an easy task to forget you. Yes, I did it. Finally, I do forget you, but I will never forgive you, liar. It’s a text to let you know, that I hate you. I hate you a lot!

No matter where I am, what I am doing or how old I become – I will always hate you for breaking my heart and hurting my feelings. I hate you.

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You’re so ugly that when you cry, the tears roll down the back of your head…just to avoid your face. I hate you!

The void you have left in my life would rather be empty than be filled with thoughts of a spineless creature like you. I hate you.

Hating Life Status for Whatsapp

Life is an incurable Disease.

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.

I hate myself for still thinking about you.

I wish I could look in the mirror and like what I see.

I don’t believe in man, God, nor the Devil. I hate the whole damned human race including myself.

Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.

I’m not even a person anymore. I’m just stress and sadness.

I get into these moods where I hate myself, I hate life and I hate the people around me. I don’t know why…

What can I say? I am a pathetic disaster, and I give up.

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.

I don’t really care what you think about me because it’s guaranteed that you’ll never be able to hate me more than I hate myself, so go ahead.

Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated. All worth it.

I hate myself more than I hate others. I’m miserly egoistic even with hate.

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I don’t hate you for not loving me anymore, but I hate myself for still loving you.

I hate people who break their promises, but sometimes I hate myself more for once believed in their sweet words and lies.

Facebook Status About Hating Someone

When I love you it’s real and when you get on my bad side, I hate you.

I hate you for the way you smile when you look at me.

I hate you for the sacrifices you made for me.

If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate.

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss you.

The problem is I truly hate you but I just can’t stop loving you.

I don’t have time to hate people because I’m busy loving people who love me.

Sometimes goodbye is just a painful way to say I love you.

It’s better to alone than to be with looser.


I know you won’t come back but my heart will take life long time to accept this.

Love is really just Hate in Disguise.

No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.

If I treated you how you treated me… trust me… you would hate me.

If I had known it would hurt this much, I never would have told you I love you.[/sq

[sq]Hate a person seriously but never try to love for fun.

Did I forget to mention I hate being taken for a cunt?!

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am.

Why did you bother smiling in front of my face when you were busy gossiping behind my back? I hate you.

I hate the fact that I thought you were the one. I also hate the fact that I was completely wrong.

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Hating is easy, love takes courage.

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. If you hate someone, you still care.

Read this I hate you status messages and reflect on the way your relationship ended. Moving on from a breakup is not easy and all you can do is let time heal your wounds. Post it on Facebook and Twitter or send it to your EX or whom you want to by text and WhatsApp messages.