Engagement Status for Sister – Best Engagement Wishes

Sisters are very near to everyone’s heart whatever she is older or younger. A loving sister always makes her siblings happy by her caring attitude and shares the joy of life. Hope you are also blessed to have such sweet sister. If she is going to engage or preparing to start her life as a married couple with her fiance then she deserve the best engagement wishes. Now it comes to your turn to shower her with unbound happiness and heartfelt engagement wishes. Just browse this list of Engagement Status for Sister to get something really cute to celebrate her happy time. Here’s the best engagement status for sister along with amazing wordings to wish her a happy engagement ceremony which should feel perfect and come from the heart. We hope this status and wishes messages are best to share with her at the beginning of a new phase of her life.

Engagement Status for Sister

Happy engagement to my lovely sister who I adore! May you have a wonderful future and may all your dreams come true.

May your hearts never cease for beating for each other. Congratulations on your engagement.

Lots of love to the best sister in the world and her new fiance. May you have a marriage full of love and happiness!

Who cares about your engagement? I can’t wait to go shopping for your wedding gown with you as your bridesmaid. Congratulations.

I’ve loved watching you grow up and I’m so excited for you to start this new chapter of your life with (fiance name). Congratulations!


Summer, winter, autumn, or spring may happiness to you both, your engagement brings. Congratulations.

Now that you’re engaged I congratulate you on getting a new role: a fiancée! I know that you’ll be an amazing wife.

May God shower you and your future husband with abundance, blessings, love and everlasting bliss. Happy engagement my sister!

Make your engagement the solid foundation, on which the rest of your life may strongly stand. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the engagement to the best sister I know! May your love for each other grow brighter than the sun and deeper than the ocean.

Engagement Wishes For Sister

May you two chase your dreams hand-in-hand and may you build your future heart-to-heart. Happy engagement wishes to my sister!

It is a proud day for a brother like me whose little sister has grown and getting engaged. I would like you to know that my best wishes and blessings are there for you.

Best wishes on this wonderful journey as you build your new life together. I know that you’ll be an awesome wife because you are an awesome sister!

You are lucky to have found your perfect match in each other. I don’t think anyone else could have tolerated either of you as their life partners. Congratulations on your engagement.

Warmest engagement wishes just for you two, my dear sister and my brother in law. May all your dreams come true!

Shower each other will all your care layout to each other, your souls completely bare happy couples like you are rare. Congratulations on your engagement, you are the perfect pair.

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Coming soon is the day you both will wed, and I wish you luck for a lovely future that lies ahead. Congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations on your new job, I mean your engagement, dear sister. Wish you best of luck with your new responsibilities and new commitments. Enjoy your job with your new boss.

Sister, you are going to be an amazing wife to your future husband. I am so happy you’re engaged and I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Whenever I see how happy you are my sister, I feel blessed. I wish you all the best and all the love that you deserve. Happy engagement wishes for my sister!

Funny Engagement Wishes for Sister

I promise to smile at your engagement party but deep down inside my heart is weeping because I feel sorry that you have lost all your freedom. Congratulations for getting engaged.

Getting engaged is like putting a down payment on a mortgage which you will be a lifetime liability. Congratulations.


I used to tell you ‘look and leap’. Now that you didn’t listen, get ready for a lifetime with the fatso you have chosen. Have a happy engagement.

I’m happy that you got engaged. Congratulations for giving up your freedom, sister. Hope you have a life without worries and fights which is not possible. God bless your partner.

Sharpen your swords, load your guns, stock up on your weaponry – the biggest war of your life is about to begin now that you are engaged. Congratulations.

Commitment is a formal way of knowing your boyfriend to prepare for an epic battle for the so-called marriage that lasts a lifetime. Congratulations.

Now that you are engaged, you will have to say goodbye to late-night parties and night outs in the town. I pity you, but still, want to congratulate you.

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Technically and traditionally, engagement is known as the promise to marry. But practically it is known as the promise and first step to lifelong slavery. Congratulations.

Yesterday we were together and play with doll now too immediate we grown up and we are going to be separate now you are going to engage soon be married, Congratulations!

Engagement brings happiness in your life but after the engagement period is over, the happiness disappears. Anyways, you don’t worry dear sister. Congratulations to you both.

Engagement Messages for Sister

You are getting engaged and I am feeling emotional as you would be going away. I would be missing you a lot but I am happy that you have got a loving life partner.

As you exchange the rings, you exchange your hearts forever! Dear, Sister! May you receive tons of love, care, and affection from your life partner! Happy engagement!

It is unbelievable that my baby sister has grown up so fast and today she is getting engaged. Sister, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of getting engaged.

May your engagement wrap you in the fragrance of an exotic flower may even a single moment in your life, never turn sour cheers to a couple of the hour. Wish you the best forever.

May your engagement day is full of joy & fun, these moments will be memorable in your life! Dear, Sister! May Lord bless you with happiness and joyous moments with your perfect match! Enjoy!


Soon you’ll start your new life I am really going to Miss you sister, I’m going to miss stealing your dresses for my parties and asking for loans I plan never to repay also I’m so going to miss your snores while sleeping at night.

Congratulations on this sweet occasion of your engagement! I am so happy for you both. May your future together be a bright and happy one.

Lovely sis! In this dress of engagement you are looking just like a beautiful princess, who is on earth now and in only in our home we all love you and want to say you as well, Congratulations.

You are the dearest sister to me; your engagement is a blissful day for me to see. I have always longed for your happiness, May this engagement fills you with moments of togetherness.

To a dear sister, I send my never-ending love and wishes to you. I hope your commitment remains true and loving forever and you both have endless moments of joy in the relationship.

Congratulate your dear sister on her special day of engagement and use our list of engagement status for your sister to generate your personal wishes messages that could make her feel fantastic. Enjoy your time.