Thursday Status Quotes and Messages For Whatsapp & Facebook

A good start makes a work successful, as like that everyone wants to start day with good reaction. A good wish or a best status gives motivation to start an awesome day. If you think like us then we are agree to taking your headache to find best day status. Here we made an excellent collection of Best Thursday Status Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook Status Updates. Here you can find-out short, funny and hilarious Thursday status to share with friends and close ones, So Readout and give us feedback for improvement.

Best Thursday Status For Whatsapp

Party every day that begins with the letter T. Tuesday and Thursday? Nah, TODAY and TOMORROW!

Dear Turkeys… Your long range weather forecast is 350 degrees on Thursday the 28th.

It’s Thursday, which is “Friday Eve” in Optimisian.

Today is the American Thanksgiving or as we in Canada like to call it. Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving you funny people.

Organizing a flash mob at my place, Thursday 3 pm. Bring lawnmowers.

I have a feeling Thursday the 5th of July is not going to be a very productive day at work.

Thursday: Friday’s younger, yet equally attractive sister.

Nothing worse than getting paid on Friday, after you spent your entire check on Thursday!

Having s.e.x with your ex on a Thursday isn’t cheating, it’s a throwback.

Happy Thursday to all my married friends.

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I didn’t hump anything on Hump Day, but I did throw my back out on Throwback Thursday, so I got to be mildly ironic.

Thursday…the point when you can start getting a bit giddy about the weekend!

Thursday doesn’t even count as a day, it’s just the thing that’s blocking Friday.

Cute Thursday Status For Facebook

Thursday is on my mind Facebook!! Now stop asking me that and go bug someone else!

The only turkey I’ll be having on Thursday most likely is the wild kind, on the rocks.

You ever notice sometimes all day on Wednesday you keep thinking its Thursday? Then when Thursday comes, you’re alright again.

On Thursday, the captain of the crashed cruise ship Costa Concordia went back to the wreck for the first time since the accident. Said the captain, It looks so different sober.

S.H.I.T.: So Happy It’s Thursday.

In celebration of “Fat Tuesday”, I only plan to party on days that start with “T” from now on. Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday and Thunday!

I find those “No shirt, no shoes, no service” signs very misleading because they never say anything about having to wear pants. Apparently, I was wrong… now gotta go to court on Thursday.

I just got my DNA test back! So excited!!! Turns out I’m 61% Italian, 15% Irish, 10% Greek and 14% Alcohol. Not bad for a Thursday morning!

Thirsty Thursday should be a national holiday!!

Friday!!! I’m so glad you are back. I’m sorry you had to see me with Monday-Thursday, but I swear I was thinking of you the whole time.

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OK… I really like you Thursday, but it’s Friday I truly love. It’s not that I’m not happy when i’m with you, it’s just that Friday does so much more for me!!!

Who needs coffee when you can meet up for jagerbombs on a Thursday morning.

Today is Fat Tuesday, and of course, this being America, it will be followed by Even Fatter Wednesday, Obese Thursday and Fat-A$$ Friday.


Funny Thursday Status and Short Messages

Today is v̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶i̶n̶e̶s̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶ Thursday.

Anyone want to lend me $500.00 until Thursday June 20th, 2047?

People call it Valentines day. I call it Thursday.

W.T.F. – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…the weekend’s almost here!

Happy Fourth of July!! Or as the rest of the world likes to call it, Thursday.

The only thing that gets me through Thursday, is knowing that – Tomorrow Is Friday.

To whom it may concern, The inventor of thirsty Thursday obviously never had to work on Friday.

It’s Throwback Thursday on Instagram…Chicks showing us how much they fell off since High School.

Hello Thursday so nice to see you again can’t wait to see your brother Friday and your sisters Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday: I either drink coffee or I say bad words to strangers. Just a typical Thursday.

Thursday, oh Thursday. You keep trying and I admire your devoted perseverance. But I must stay true. Friday is the only one that does it for me!

I’m hoping that Thursday happy hour, doesn’t become Friday sad morning hangover. Happy Thursday.

Monday: Can Friday be here ready. Tuesday: ugh. Wednesday: Friday is close. Thursday: closer. Friday: finally here. My weekdays

My Grandpa is so good at planking. He’s been laying there on the golf course since Thursday.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you.. THURSDAY. It’s almost like Friday but it’s not. I call it Diet Friday.

Short Thursday Quotes For Facebook & Whatsapp

One man’s women crush Wednesday is another man’s throw back Thursday.

Thursday 31st March is National Cleavage Day, a day to work it, love it & celebrate it!

Announcement: The Time Travelers Meeting scheduled for today will be held last Thursday.

In addition to Casual Friday, I propose the following: Punch A Coworker Monday, No Pants Tuesday, Drunk At Work Wednesday, and Call In Sick Thursday.

Transformation Tuesday! Throwback Thursday! Flashback Friday! Never underestimate a woman’s ability to find a reason to post a selfie.

Here’s my gym schedule. Monday, cardio. Tuesday, weights. Wednesday, 7 mile bike ride. Thursday, 15 year break. Repeat.

I call it “No-Pants Wonder-day,” but it turns out the police just call it “Thursday.” Go figure.

I’m wondering what kind of loser spends Thursday night drinking and bragging about it on Facebook? Anyway, I’m totally drunk.

I only have s.e.x on days that begin with “T”. Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday and Thunday.

Thursday Night Football on the same time during the Vice Presidential debate….well played NFL, well played.

Someone came up to me and said “T.G.I.F. Thank god it’s Friday!” I replied – S.H.I.T. Sorry hun,it’s Thursday.

Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 p.m. Please use the back door.

I read a story Thursday about things you shouldn’t buy used, such as child car seats, plasma TVs and vacuum cleaners. Good advice, but condoms and toilet paper would have been at the top of my list.

Note to mistress…if I am ever trapped in a mine or anywhere that TV crews and the WHOLE world is watching…please keep your a** at home. watch it on TV. I will call you when I can….just saying. lol Happy Thursday…smile.

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