Women’s Day Status – Happy Women’s Day Wishes Messages

Women’s Day Status and Wishes : The international women’s day is a very big occasion for celebrating the contribution of women to this world. No matter what gender you are or what kind of a person you are these happy women’s day status, captions and wishes could help you to show that you never take a woman for granted. Whom do you like to send women’s day greetings and card messages to your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend? Here we have various special women’s day status and short quotes you may find suitable for your desired woman whom you like to say happy women’s day my dear. It’s never too let to let them know they’re worth to you and how you feel about their presence in your life. On 8th March 2019, dedicate your Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram statuses and captions for them to show your love and respect with some happy greetings, messages or short women’s day quotes. Who knows this might be their motivation to continue painting your world with even more colors of joy and happiness.

Happy Women’s Day Status

It’s you who are making the difference in so many lives…. And I’m one of them…. Have a wonderful Women’s Day!

God cannot be everywhere so he left his angels to care, nurture and embrace. Happy Women’s Day 2019!

To make a women HAPPY give her these three things, ATTENTION, AFFECTION and APPRECIATION. Happy Women’s Day!

We are cute daughters, we are sweet sisters, we are lovely lovers, we are darling wives, we are adorable mothers, we are the source of strength, we are WOMEN! Happy Women’s Day!

An angel becomes a woman when she sacrifices her wings. No one can take them for granted. Happy Women’s Day!

Do you know why God created women after he created men? Because an upgraded version always comes second. Happy Women’s Day!

God created men and send them to rule the world. Then he created angels and send them to look after men. You are one of those angels. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women's Day Status

I wouldn’t know what love is if you weren’t a part of my life. You are the definition of it. Happy Women’s Day!

Even the 365 days of a year is not enough to say thank you to women for the colors and joys they bring to this world. Say thank you to them every day, and on a women’s day, shout it out even louder!

I believe in one thing. If God wasn’t a perfectionist, there would be no woman on this earth. Happy Women’s Day!

Men achieved great things. But they forgot to mention that it’s the love and inspiration of women that kept them pushing for ages. Happy Women’s Day!

God was aware of man’s destructive nature. So, he created the woman and gave her his power of creation for a woman can restore what a man tend to destroy.

Without women, there would be no love in the world, no word called beauty in dictionaries, no fairy tales in the books and no inspiration for the brave men.

God created women with supreme delicacy. Such a delicate creation can only be loved and nothing else. Happy Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Captions for Instagram

Who run the world? Girls! Happy Women’s Day!

She needed a hero, so that’s what she became. #Happy_Womens_Day

It’s Women’s day! Feel special and unique on the top of the world!

She doesn’t follow the crowd rather she makes the crowd follow. Happy Women’s Day!

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. Happy Women’s Day!

Behind every successful woman is herself. Happy Women’s Day!

Every successful man is backed up by a woman who is always a step at the forefront of him. Salute to the woman of the future.

A woman can make happiness bloom all around them! Happy Women’s Day!

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Best wishes for your special day! Live, Laugh and Love!

Feel proud, celebrate with joy, and demonstrate your strength. The day is yours.

Someday, when the right time comes, I will ‘marry a princess and make her my queen.’ Happy Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Whatsapp Status

If God did not create you, it won’t be a happy world after all. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women! Shine on… Not just today but every day!

Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected – that is essential! Happy Women’s Day!

A queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that were thrown at her. Happy Women’s Day!

international womens day

Keep that confidence overflowing. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day! means more than flowers and gifts. It means saying thank you for everything. Happy Women’s Day!

Congratulations, lovely woman. Today you deserve our most beautiful flowers and poetry!

Women are the best creation of God. Life without a woman is nothing but sad. Happy Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Status for Facebook

A salute to the real architects of society. Happy Women’s Day!

Thanks for being there through the tears and laughter. Happy Women’s Day!

She is wind, she is water. She is snow, she is fire. She is vibrant, she is ambitious. She is one of a kind. Happy Women’s Day!

To the woman of my dream: you fill my days with happiness and my world with love!

Behind every successful man is a woman who is getting ahead of him! Three cheers to the woman of tomorrow! Happy Woman’s Day!

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Often we leave our appreciation unspoken! Today we all say Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day, to someone who is much more wonderful than they think, with all my love.

Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you, Only you can complete this world. Happy Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Wishes

Some women are lost in the fire. But you are built from it! Best wishes on Women’s Day.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Women’s Day! May the glory and glamour of womanhood be abundantly bestowed upon you.

Happy Women’s Day! May you stand like a stone, firm enough, not to get hit by any adversity!

The world wouldn’t be so beautiful without you. And today is the day the world shows some gratitude and tells you how important you are. Happy Women’s Day!

You don’t know how much impact you have on my life. No matter what I say I can never express my love and respect for you. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

I don’t have the courage to say that I’ll make it up to you. But on this day, I promise I’ll never leave your side and whatever makes you feel happy for the rest of my life.

Even if I spend the whole day writing about you, I will not be able to explain how much you mean to me. You are everything that inspires me and makes me feel alive every day.

Happy-Womens Day Status Wishes

You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart filled with patience and purity. I guess, only a woman can be such a wonderful blessing to a man.

You have all the strengths to walk your own path and be whatever you want to be. But you chose to be a part of my life and walk the path with me. I can never thank you enough for that.

You are the first woman in my life. You are my mother, my shelter, and my teacher. I love you. Happy women’s day!

I questioned God about you, “but I didn’t do any good in my life. Why did you give me such a wonderful woman? He replied, “Well, I’m giving you a chance to do something good now.”

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You are the real wonder woman. Thank you for rescuing me every day in my life. Let me try to make a day for you too!

Sometimes I wonder. How can someone put up with so much trouble and still spread the love with a smile on her face? Happy women’s day to the most amazing woman in my life!

Women’s Day Messages

This day is just to celebrate your existence! I wish you blossom like a beautiful rose whose charm never goes!

With the creation of the world, you were also added to increase its beauty. The world is mesmerized with the work you have done.

I love you. No matter what we go through, no matter how much we argue because I know, in the end, you’ll always be there for me.

I love you for the joys you bring to my life. I love you for the colors you add to my days. I love you for the moments you share with you me. But most of all, I love you for the woman you are!

Most of the things in my life, I’ve earned through hard word work and honesty. But this is not the case with you. I just consider myself lucky to have a woman like you in my life.

Only the fact that I’d never exist on this planet without the unbearable pain and unthinkable patience of my mother makes me realize that no amount of gratitude can ever be enough to celebrate the sacrifices of a woman.

A mother creates a world for you even before you are born; a sister becomes a shelter for you for the rest of your life, a wife creates a home so you can come back at the end of the day escaping the complexity of life. Women truly are blessings in many forms!

If I were to live a thousand years and more, I would still not think of spending a single day without you. The warmth of your heart keeps me away from the cold complexities of this world.

You give hopes to thousand dying hearts and spread that love that changes the lives of millions. I’m blessed that I find myself among the closets of you.

Since you’ve become a part of my life, I stopped praying to god. Because you are everything a man could ask for. Now I can only thank god for what he has given me.

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I receive three gifts from heaven every day. Caring from my mother, advice from my sister and smile from you. On this special day, I wish I could make you smile more for the rest of my life.

You have conquered the world but you don’t have a home to soothe your exhausted soul. This is what men would feel without women. Happy Women’s Day!

Women are the epitome of courage, hope, and life. Let us take a pledge on this Women’s Day 2019 that we will make the world a much better place for them. Women’s are the sweetest gift from God. It is a must for everyone to remind their beloved women of how blessed they feel to be a part of their lives.