125+ Bio for Instagram – Best Instagram Bio To Attract Followers

Instagram Bio : A unique bio for Instagram is important. Let me explain why. We all love to boast about our Instagram followers. But getting followers is not that hard. You may think it’s all about uploading pictures every hour that gets you the followers. Well, it does help you sometimes. But there’s something more. Your pictures are not the first things that a random person comes and sees your profile. He sees what you have said about you in your profile, a unique bio. Yes, that’s what makes someone decide whether he’ll follow you or not. A good bio for Instagram is what makes you different from the average Joe. Wait, you don’t have to rush into google now because we have listed here a collection of best bio for Instagram.

Cute Short Bio for Instagram

I decide the vibe.

Decency is my jewel.

I’m using your hate as my fuel.

Short Attitude Bio for Instagram

Not a worrier.

I am a combo of sweet and spice.

Flowing with life like a river.

I wasn’t lucky, I deserved it.

The one with some goddamn dignity.

Too busy to be upset.

Let’s live all of it.

I wait for nothing, let them all wait for me.

Less care. Less stress.

I love to have the fun so I don’t obey all the rules.

And amid hell, she found her Heaven.

Let them say it and be busy slaying it.

Instagram Bio for Boys

There is no doubt that words spoken in the right and perfect tone works like a magic to attract anyone’s attention. If you are also in need of such kind of Instagram bio to impress girls, check out this list at once! Just put any of these in your Instagram bio and it will influence not only her but an uncountable number of Insta users.

The heartbreaker.

Hey girl, yes you! You look like my next mistake.

If Girls are Oscar, then I am Leonardo DiCaprio.

Well, here I am! What are your other two wishes?

Don’t you believe in love? Maybe we have not met yet!

I consider myself a champion as I have you.

Girl, I’m not the one your mother warned you about.

The air is full of flying kisses sent by me for the girl who is reading this right now.

Don’t try to understand me! You will either go mad or start Loving me.

Girl, I intend to ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.

I’m eternally bonded to you with bonds of love, friendship, and togetherness.

Life without you is like a broken pencil: pointless.

They say love hurts, but I’m ready to take that risk if I’m going to be with you.

I wish I had glasses so that I could see you with four eyes.

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.

Don’t worry… I have so much more for you to be mad at. Be patient.

I can forget my very existence in a deep kiss with you.

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I don’t miss you and you alone; I miss you and me together.

Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to smile for no reason.

Girl, I admit it. There is no cosmetic to gain a beauty like yours.

Instagram Bio for Girls

Girls need to be strong and feel motivated by their vision and dreams. It’s more than just Makeup and beauty there’s a lot more to live and focus. Let them know how strong you are and how beautiful you are with these girly Instagram bios inspired by the sheer potential of life!

Love is easy but the queen is busy.

I am the girl who promises the whole world.

Pretty girls turn heads. Me and my girls break necks!

Marry a man your own age; as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.

I wear a crown of broken hearts in my hair.

Attitude Bio for Instagram for Girls

I don’t hurt people with the lie, I kill them with the truth.

Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither.

Sorry, I’m not that type of girl who falls for a guy just because he looks good.

Never trust a husband too far or a bachelor too near.

I am not a difficult woman at all. I am simply a strong woman and know my worth.

I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.

Oh, I am very weary, Though tears no longer flow; My eyes are tired of weeping, My heart is sick of woe.

You think I am crazy? You should meet my sister!

I hate two things: Comparing me with others and compromising my dreams for others.

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Always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t then who will, sweetie?

When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels and dance.

She is the girl who is “moody” as well as “foodie”, So be ready to handle her mood swings along with her food swings.

Birthday Bio for Instagram

Happy Birthday! It’s your time to shine and go on. Celebrate, enjoy your cake, shout out loud your favorite song and put a clever Instagram birthday bio on your profile. It’s your birthday and no one can stop you from enjoying it to the fullest. This list of birthday bio for Instagram will be a part of the fun on your big day.

Sassy since birth.

Alive since (Insert here your birth date.)

Happy birthday, dear self.

I hope the birthday cake is as sweet as me.

Murder a cake every (Insert here your birth date.)

On this day, a queen was born.

I’m just a whole year more incredible.

I’m not getting older. I’m getting better.

Well at least I am not as old as I will be next year.

Gonna party like it’s my birthday…’cause it is.

Eating my cake and wearing it, too.

I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this age before!

Found my birthday crown.

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Keep calm because I’m the birthday girl.

Thank you, Mom for giving birth to this wonderful child.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Creative Instagram Bios

Describing you in one sentence? This where the need for being creative comes in. creative Instagram bios can make your Instagram profile look cooler, more attractive and more trendy. Check these short creative Instagram bio captions and see if they match your search.

I am rearranging my truths, Rewriting my soul.

The most you can expect from me is unconditional like.

Loyalty ● Dignity ● Morals ● A good heart ● A good character.

Don’t try to understand me with your logic, feel me with your soul.

Welcome to my Instagram feed, where people come to enjoy me.

good instagram bio

Life’s so Fun-tastic. Just Be Alive!

If I could sum up my life in one line I would die of embarrassment.

Have a seat, I’m expecting you!

I am not one to surrender better wave your flags and admit your own defeat.

An imperfect mess with a smile that is priceless and a body that is heartless.

Follow me and give me a reason to follow you.

Yes, I’m Hot but I’m not the one who’s causing global warming. So, stop checking my bio!

I am a life form evolved to live off movies, comics, video games, junk food, and snark.

Total computer geek. Married to a computer geek. Raising two future computer geeks.

By following me you will never do it wrong.

We all start as strangers, why confused?

I want to be known for what I am, black and white because I’m proud of both.

Follow as a friend and leave as a fan.

I’m the most original version you can ever get.

You can never get me out of your head.

I’m the rainbow that drives your clouds away.

Motto in life: keep away from idiots.

I like to be myself, and I don’t pretend. For instance,
I don’t dress up for occasions; I am what I am.

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Problems start with you, ends with ME.

Save trees! Avoid homework.

I’m a visionary with a vision so scary.

Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers

What use of an Instagram account without a huge follower base. Everyone wants followers. But the followers have many options to choose from. Well, give them a reason so they can never leave your profile without hitting the follow button. Put a bio in the profile that will draw them towards you like a magnet. How about these clever Instagram bio ideas?

Turn that blue follow button to white.

Just follow me. I will kill you by making you laugh.

Hi there! Follow me and I will follow you back.

You need to press that follow button to know my story.

Having you on my list will make me happy. Please follow me!

I am on a journey of life. Wanna come? Ahhgg! Press that follow button then.

Follow me and you will have a free subscription of a daily dose of sarcasm.

I think you’re too hot to follow me, let’s start!

I don’t need followers. But you seem like a nice person.

I’m the person your mom warned you about.

Oh, I am an angel, though sometimes I wish I was more of a devil.

Wanna be a part of my journey? Get on the boat.

I am just a girl chasing her dreams and having an amazing adventure.

If our journey is the same then why don’t you follow me to walk behind?

I’m just a boy, standing in front of the world, asking you to follow me.

Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.

I am a bad boy. I don’t come across clearly to a lot of people, so I am bad for them.

You ain’t ever getting someone better to follow in this ragged world.

I know you’ll come back here. Why don’t you just follow me and let me reach you?

Hit the follow button and be amazed.

On my journey to fun-land follow me to join.

It’s good to leave a footprint wherever you go, so why don’t follow?

Surely, I’m afraid of heights but much more afraid of never flying.

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What does a movie worth without its audience?

Escape from the negativity, embrace the positivity.

I’m here to inspire the F out of you!

Instagram Profile Bio

Who doesn’t love to put a catchy bio on their Instagram profile? You can never imagine how just a one-liner can change the look of your profile. Have a look at these cool Instagram profile bios so you can find one to put it on your Instagram profile. Here, we have listed awesome Instagram profile bios just for your convenience.

Love me but leave me wild.

I will never turn around to see if you’re chasing.

Being a good person is also a mistake nowadays… People think you are fake.

I will break them before they ever have a chance to break me.

Tell me I can’t, then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong.

unique bio for instagram

If you don’t like me, don’t judge me. Nobody said you had to like me. Nobody.

I don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me. They create their own little drama out of jealousy.

Trust me! I’m friendlier than you think.

I’m a Basset Hound aficionado with a mouth like a Syphilitic sailor.

A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.

Nothing more than a man who cared enough to try.

I’ve always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am.

Don’t you just hate it when a sentence doesn’t end the way you octopus

A magic mushroom in the cow dung of the 21st century.

It’s my chaos that made me beautiful.

I have sufficient wildness to make me catchy.

Life is dumb and people are dumber.

I don’t procrastinate. I’m always on energy saving mood.

I can see you are a dreamer. You dream of becoming me.

I hope you’ll follow me to know the real me over Instagram.

If you have too many degrees, you’re probably a thermometer!

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Sorry! I’m too busy now. Come back later.

Follow me right now. Because someday Instagram might not let you do this free.

What brings you here?

Funny Instagram Bios

Have you ever asked yourself how to gain followers on Instagram? The fact is, putting funny insta bios on your profile will definitely help you to get more followers on Instagram. Yes, it did for many people. Now, it’s time to check yours! Use your humor and choose the silliest one from below!

I laugh with many but don’t trust any.

Hey there! Instagram is using my Data balance!

Call me the one who got away because I’m always running.

I’m really not amusing. I’m just truly mean and individuals think I am kidding.

So if I fart while walking, does that give me extra horsepower?

If you don’t like me remember: its mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don’t matter.

Have my own hair and like ugly things.

I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks.

There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them.

Absolutely awkward, proud nerd & geek, decreaser of world suck.

Do not judge me before you know me, but just to inform you, you won’t like me.

If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.

Follow me to prove that your choices are the best!

Following me will make you cute, wanna check?

A sky full of stars but why you staring at me?

I’m not telling you to follow me but my heart insists.

My property will be taken up by those who will follow me on Instagram.

I’m the hottest but not the cause of melting ice in Antarctica.

Don’t look at those sad eyes on my happy face, you will be caught.

I’m not for everyone but maybe for you!

The more you will follow me, the more I will love you.

Hey… is it me, you looking for?

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Why Instagram? Because there is no place for your photos to live and be seen.

You’ll not find my CGPA here, nerd!

I’m more beautiful than what you see and more savage than what you think.

Cute Instagram Bios

People are always in love with cute things. In case of following you on Instagram, nothing will attract them as much as cute Instagram bios. Check out our cute bio list for Instagram and surely you will say that these are the cutest Instagram bio to get followers.

The one who knows how to move on.

Being weird is the side effect of Awesomeness!

Only a cupcake searching for a stud biscuit.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.

instagram profile bio

I know, I’m lucky and you will follow me.

Just keep calm and follow me to be stress-free.

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.

I don’t care how busy I am – I will always make time for what’s most important to me.

99% of the time my brain is thinking blah, meh, why, huh, WTF, food, and computers. The other 1% I’m usually asleep.

I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.

I’m just going to go live life. I’m going to go enjoy life. I have nothing left to hide. I am kind of a free person, a free soul.

I’m fabulous. I’m an incredible dresser, I’ve got buckets of money, I’m a hoot and a half and I got a killer rack.

Follow me or not Instagram will always lead you to me.

You will get the free subscription of unlimited sarcasm, just follow me.

I’m a funny dude hoping to make you smile with the cute Instagram post.

I’m just a shy guy asking out you to be friend.

Follow me until you get what you deserved.

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I spread motivation voluntarily. Welcome if you need some.

I’m too good at converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

I’m mysterious and magical at the same time.

Bio for Instagram will reflect your personality, your taste, and attitude. So make them unique, catchy and striking. Also, it’s never too let to try some new one on your Instagram profile. We hope you will be happy to use our Unique Bio for Instagram from above that is fresh and created by our editorial authors.