Best Women Status For Whatsapp – Short Inspirational Women Quotes

Now, it’s time to offer some special women status for Whatsapp status updates. These best women status are too inspirational and famous cause they are compiled by various popular writers, celebrities, authors and famous successful women. You can also find here some of short inspirational women quotes besides the women status. Get inspired by reading and share with others to motivate them.

Good Status for Inspiring the Women

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton

I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. – Anne Frank

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. – Helen Keller

And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk more. – Erica Jong

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Sally Berger

Power is not given to you. You have to take it. – Beyonce Knowles

If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it – Erma Bombeck

I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all. – Coco Chanel

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. – Amelia Earhart

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back. – Maya Angelou

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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

Women always smiling, because her smile is a reason for many others to smile…Smile please…!!

It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine. – Byron Katie.

The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. – Ayn Rand

Short Women Status to Updates Whatsapp Status

If you don’t like being a doormat then get off the floor. – Al Anon

Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. – Elizabeth Gilbert

You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are. – Melissa Etheridge

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

Anything you want to ask a teacher, ask yourself, and wait for the answer in silence. – Byron Katie

It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people. – Taylor Swift

There are two ways to rule a women and nobody knows them….!

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Ingrid Bergman

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A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. – Diane Mariechild

If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. – Margaret Thatcher

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself – Ethel Barrymore

Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use. – Ruth Gordo

Short Inspirational Women Quotes By Successful Women

Power to me is the ability to make a change in a positive way. – Victoria Justice

Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams! – Gabby Douglas

The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world. – Ashley Rickards

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katharine Hepburn

Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. – Byron Katie

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent. – Madeleine Albright

Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion. – Oprah Winfrey

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. – Emma Stone

You have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman. – Tyra Banks

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. – Marianne Williamson

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – Maya Angelou

No matter what you look like or think you look like you’re special and loved and perfect just the way you are. – Ariel Winter

What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner. – Colette

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you – Caroline Myss

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